Yag (Yet Another Gameboard) is a networked virtual RPG table with the following features:

  • Client/server architecture (one player is the server, other players are clients connected to the server)
  • A ton of free content managed through DLCs
  • Yag is agnostic to any rule, it can be used for any game
  • Embedded LUA scripting, allowing:
    • character sheets automation
    • dice behavior (keep high/low, exploding…)
    • generally any customization
  • Module sharing (single zip file containing everything)
  • Built in help with tooltips and a complete help panel
  • Voxel generated terrain allowing quick procedural generation and real time sculpting and painting.
  • Procedural scenes (many different themes that can be mixed together, lots of option to customize scenes)
  • Hand crafted scenes (Yag contains a mini dungeon editor to modify/create your scenes)
  • Splines (a powerful building tool to quickly create roads, walls, lines of decorating objects, etc)
  • Fog of war
  • A lot of 3D animated miniatures both for characters and creatures.
    • Characters can be equipped with a lot of various weapons/shields
    • Any character can ride any creature
  • 3D dice rolling according to the law of physics
  • 3D dice entirely and easily customizable (faces and values)
  • Dice result are automatically read and displayed to everyone in a journal
  • Simple character sheets management allowing to prepare automated dice rolls
  • Possibility to import any picture from the net, that can be used as characters, objets, or maps.
  • Many saving options (see the full features list for detailed info)
  • Many game options (Dungeon master, customizable time of the day, weather effects, square/hexagonal grids, etc), see the list of detailed features

Yag offers a ton of 3D content, but even if you don’t find exactly what you need in its native content you can still use it for any game/universe that requires maps, pawns and dice by importing pictures from the net.