Where do i get it ?

What’s the impact on my computer ?

  • Yag is installed through Steam, see Steam documentation for details.
  • Yag working directory is <my documents>/My Games/Yag. This directory is used to store all saves (binary, csv), custom dice, etc.. It is not suppressed when you uninstall, you’ll have to delete it manually.

What’s the minimal configuration ?

  • As the players are making the content, perfs will hugely vary depending on what you decide to put on the screen.
  • A farily weak conf should be able to handle simple scenes, but large groups of miniatures may require a stronger conf.
  • It runs very well on a windows 10 / core I7 / 16 Go ram / geforce 2070 RTX.

What’s the tech behind yag ?

I found a bug, how do i report it ?

  • Please first check the known bugs playlist.
  • If your bug is not listed, please contact me on the Yag thread in the UE4 forum or on the Steam community hub discussions board.
  • If you hate forums, you can use the following email cedric<dot>yagame<at>gmail<dot>com, but using the thread is a much better way as everyone benefits from the questions and answers.